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27-year-old Male living in Orange County, CA USA

I Love to travel & explore the world. Traveled a lot to South America but now venturing into Europe & Eastern Countries. I own 2 small businesses in the U.S. & a personal goal of mine is to be able to travel 2 months out of each year. I love music, learning about other cultures, surfing, diving, traveling & meeting new people.

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Default_avatarMatt posted on MitchG's (MitchG) profile

Hey, I'm doing Inspiration on the May 1. When do you go?

Posted 11 days ago

  • amandamitch


    11 days ago

    Matt I'm doing the May 1 inspiration! Inbox me!

  • MitchG


    11 days ago

    Hey Matt, I believe mine leaves on the 15th or 16th of May. Can't wait!

MitchGMitchG (MitchG)

Cash vs. Cards in Europe

Hey everyone, I was hoping to see if anyone has a recommendation on how much cash I should bring vs. using my debit/credit card while in Europe. I'm going the Inspiration Tour + 4 Days in London for a total of 25 Days and am trying to get an idea what to carry. Thanks so much in advance!

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NaggieNaggie posted on MitchG's (MitchG) profile

Oh nice! Which countries does yours include? I did the 21 day european one like 15 years ago. It went to Spain France Italy London Greece and the Greek islands I think. You will love it and you're going to to love europe. The one I may go on is brand new and I think it does Spain portugal and morocco?? I travel to europe a I was trying to go somewhere I've never been. This solo thing is crazy but I think I just need to do it once in my life...and I was a fan of contiki. So there's a Scotland Ireland one that sounds good. That's so funny because I'm planning on going May or June. Btw I've never done this message thing so I hope I'm doing it right

Posted 5 months ago

  • MitchG


    5 months ago

    I'll be going to London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Austria, 3 spots in Italy, Switzerland & France. That's rad you get to travel there often. I should ask you for recommendations! Haha. I'm actually looking forward to going alone so I can meet all new people...My family thinks I'm crazy though haha. Your route sounds awesome! I wanted to hit Spain but decided to save it for another trip!

NaggieNaggie posted on MitchG's (MitchG) profile

Hey! You're from OC? Small world. I'm trying to plan a trip to europe next year by myself...crazy:/ I go every year with someone. I'm thinking about this new one to portugal and Spain? Any recommendations? Or Ireland? This is my second time doing contiki

Posted 5 months ago

  • MitchG


    5 months ago

    Hey! Nice to meet someone else from OC! I'm doing Europe by myself too. I've been trying to go for the last 5 years but none of my friends wanted to go haha. I've actually never been to Europe or on Contiki so I don't have any recommendations unfortunately :/ I ended up booking the European Inspiration tour in May. I just liked that it hit a lot of the main countries I want to see. What does the Portugal & Spain trip look like?

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