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27-year-old Male living in Orange County, CA USA

I Love to travel & explore the world. Traveled a lot to South America but now venturing into Europe & Eastern Countries. I own 2 small businesses in the U.S. & a personal goal of mine is to be able to travel 2 months out of each year. I love music, learning about other cultures, surfing, diving, traveling & meeting new people.

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European Inspiration May 2015??

I'm heading out on the trip that is supposed to start on May 23rd. Anyone else going then?

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European Whirl or European Inspirations?

I'm looking at these two tours mainly. They're both pretty much the same length and visit everywhere I want to go for my first trip to Europe. The main differences I am seeing is the accommodations, price & a few different stops from each other. My questions are: 1) On the European Inspiration, does anyone know if they stop long enough in the Austrian Tyrol to where you can actually explore a little bit? Is the Austrian Tyrol worth staying over night, like in the European Whirl tour? 2) Does anyone have any experience staying in the Hostels/Contiki Villages vs. staying in just hotels? I've never stayed in a Hostel and am not sure what to expect but they don't seem bad.

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Hey Mitch I did the London To Athens Budget Tour back in 2012 and it was amazing! It was the perfect amount of time. Then after I spent two weeks in Greece was is the most amazing country :) I'm actually planning on doing another tour May/June 2015. If you need any info let me know and I will try and pass on my travel knowledge!

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    3 months ago

    Thanks Kourtenay! That trip sounds amazing. I keep looking at the European packages when I have time and am really liking the European Whirl or European Vista too. It's tough to decide but I like the amount of ground that's covered in those packages. I'm going in May/June of 2015 too so I'm anxious to see what tours are available for those times. Have you done any tours like that?

MitchGMitchG (MitchG)

European Escapade


11 countries \ 26 days \ from US$3655 per person

To Barcelona and beyond! The European Escapade takes you through the best of Western Europe, allowing time to really experience what each city has to offer. Highlights include strolling La Rambla in Barcelona, re-discovering the might of the Roman Emperors in Rome and gazing up at the Swiss Alps from your bedroom window in Switzerland. What better way to spend a month in Europe?

MitchGMitchG (MitchG)

European Experience


10 countries \ 21 days \ from US$2899 per person

Experience Europe, Contiki style! A great tour itinerary for those wanting quality time in Italy without skipping anything important on the way there. The second half of the tour is all about beautiful scenery with stops in the Austrian Tyrol as well as the Swiss Alps. Of course, with the beautiful scenery comes some amazing opportunities to raft, ride and climb your way to must have memories.

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Road to Athens


10 countries \ 18 days \ from US$3269 per person

Anyone can fly direct to Athens but why fly over Europe when you can take your time & explore the cities at leisure? That's exactly what the Road to Athens tour offers. Paris, Austrian Tyrol, Venice, Florence & Rome with a little bit of Switzerland & Germany thrown in for good measure. Relax on the island of Corfu in Greece before reaching your final destination & the birthplace of democracy, Athens. Seems like a long way to go to end here, so why not take a cruise through the Greek Isles while you're in the neighbourhood?

MitchGMitchG (MitchG)

Solo to Europe - Spring/Summer 2015 - Any advice?

First time traveling on my own and am looking at a lot of options for Europe. Anyone have any advice, opinions or recommendations?

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