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Vienna & Budapest May 16-21 Who's in?

I was wondering who is going on this trip and wants to share a Limousine from the airport to the hotel. I contacted the hotel and they have this service: VIP Business Limousine Service, which offers a limousine from the airport to our hotel at the price of € 44,00. It will take about 30 min. If there are multiple people who are intersted in it, we can all share the cost (that's my assumption). I arrive at Vienna Friday May 17 at 10:00am. Please reply if you are interested or have any other suggestions. Thank you!

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ThadshigaThadshiga posted on Marina29's (Marina29) profile

Hey Marina is your return flight out of Budapest or Vienna? I plan to head back to Vienna after we finish in Budapest. So thinking we can take the train back to Vienna together, only if you're flying out of Vienna.

Posted about 3 years ago

Default_avatarMarina29 (Marina29)

Vienna & Budapest trip 6 days May/June 2013

I am planning on going on a trip Vienna & Budapest. This is my first trip with conitki. Can't decide between two dates May16 - May 21 or June 6 - 11. Who is going when? If anybody has any recommendations please reply. Thank you!

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