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Are you gomna be at the contiki hotel? We're going into London to check it out if you wanna join us (by us I mean me and my bf???

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Winter Wanderer


12 countries \ 25 days \ from US$3515 per person

The Winter Wanderer is like a leisurely stroll through Europe's top destinations. Some of the highlights of the tour include: driving along the French Riviera, exploring the Eternal City of Rome (it's never too cold for Gelato!) and sampling traditional Spanish tapas in Barcelona not to mention retracing the history of WW2 and the Cold War in Berlin and Prague. Winter in Europe is not only magical, it's less crowded and has its very own charms that go unnoticed in the heat of summer. The epitome of a winter wonderland.

JellyJelena Bray (Jelly)

Winter Wanderer 14th December 2012

Hi im 23 years old and im an aussie going on this tour, i just wanted to meet people before it departed... if you'd like add me on facebook as id love to speak to you :) SOOOOOOO cant WAIT!!! :D

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