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20-year-old Female living in Nassau, Bahamas

Woooo going on The Expedition in May! So ready for the summer of a lifetime.

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My facebook!

Posted almost 2 years ago

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Sounds good! yeah im staying at clink 78 in London 5 days before our tour! I am also traveling solo, for maybe 1 year.

Posted about 2 years ago

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    about 2 years ago

    That sounds awesome! I would love to travel for a long time but I must go to university first haha. This trip will be sort of like a taste of what I kind of want my life to really be like in the long run :D I can't wait to meet everyone ^_^

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Kiwiana Panorama (Auckland to Christchurch - Until October 2014)


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Feed your adrenaline cravings - relaxation is overrated! Blackwater raft in Waitomo before you hit Rotorua. 'Zorb' or luge then chill out in a Polynesian spa! Have a hāngi, cruise Lake Taupo then head to the adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown where you’ll take a spin on the Shotover Jet. Ever tried bungy jumping or canyon swinging? Now 's the time! Get into Queenstown's legendary nightlife before the good times end in Christchurch.

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In my country, The Bahamas

In my country, The Bahamas

Uploaded about 2 years ago

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