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NatalieNatalie (Natalie)

Epic Adventure


2 countries \ 56 days \ from US$9295 per person

Epic = grand in scale, and that’s exactly what this trip is. From big cities & monuments to the great outdoors, historical sights, cool nightlife & endless experiences, this is 55 days of adventure guaranteed to feed the inner explorer & make every moment count. Let’s go!

NatalieNatalie (Natalie)

Iberian Peninsula and Morocco


4 countries \ 21 days \ from US$3219 per person

With 11 amazing cities on the cards this epic new adventure will give you the inside track on Spain, Portugal & Morocco. Starting in Madrid you'll spend 21 days soaking up the sights, sounds & smells of the Iberian. Think historical architecture in Marrakech, ocean waves in Barcelona & delicious tapas with sun downer cocktails in Ibiza! Delve a little deeper with 2 night stopovers in most destinations to really get your teeth into local living.

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