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34-year-old Male living in Newcastle, N.S.W Australia

Hello world this is JJ this is my 19th contiki tour . I like classic rock n roll music like Tom Petty ,AC/DC, The Beatles,ZZ Top.The Rolling Stones,Cold Chisel,The Traveling Wilburys,Led Zepplin,The Who,Deep Perple ,Van Halen and many others . My best contiki tour i did was the big apple explorer in 2006 . I have been to New Zealand many times before . I'm a relly shy person when meeting some ... More

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Big Josh Joshua (Big Josh )

The Big Tiki 16/12/2015----3/1/2016

I was wondering who is going on this tour?

Asked 3 months ago about South Pacific New Zealand (2 responses)

Big Josh Joshua (Big Josh )

"Sweet as South tour"

Who is going on this tour on 24th Dec from Wellington ?

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Big Josh Joshua (Big Josh )

Local payment Vietnam

I'm heading over to Vietnam next month , On the Vietnam highlights tour . How much is the the local paymemt ?

Asked 5 months ago about Travel Advice Asia (1 response)

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yo yo

Posted 6 months ago

Big Josh Joshua (Big Josh )


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Big Josh Joshua (Big Josh )


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