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AmandaReneeAmandaRenee (AmandaRenee)

Question about flights to Australia.

Now I noticed that Contiki doesn't include any flights to Australia so I have to find my own flights. My question is if I choose to do a trip to Australia, if the trip starts on lets say March 4th, should I buy a flight 2 days before, like Match 2nd? Or does March 4th include the 2 day flight? Does that make sense? It takes 2 days to get to Australia from where Im at. So Im trying to understand what days should I purchase the tickets. Also when it says that the trip starts at 7 a.m. should I be there the night before to make sure Im there at 7 am?

Asked almost 4 years ago about Flying Australia Flights Travel South Pacific Transport Travel Advice (3 responses)

AmandaReneeAmandaRenee (AmandaRenee)

I have a 34" luggage. Is that too big?

I plan on doing a Contiki tour but my luggage is 34". Is that a problem?

Asked almost 4 years ago about Language Luggage Backpack Europe Travel Advice Packing (1 response)



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