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23-year-old living in Epping, NSW Australia

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wheresshellywheresshelly posted on Imogen's (Imogen) profile

Hi Imogen, I tried to reply to your post on the board, but it's not letting me! anyway... Going to South America can be a challenge, my advice to you depends on your personality. If you're independent, have common sense, aren't the type to get homesick, don't mind a challenge, like trying new things and new experiences, then I'd say definitely go to South America first. If you don't have much travel experience, I'd suggest sticking to organised tours. There is a lot of street crime there, but then again so has Europe. I personally found it not to be as bad as it's made out to be and I've written an article about it here If you're just doing a Contiki tour then you'll be fine. There are heaps of people with you all the time and everything is organised for you. If you're doing some solo travel as well, then the above paragraph relates. If you look at my previous posts in my profile I've written a hell of a lot on my experiences of my tour and solo travel after. And if you're interested there's some tour videos at But you're definitely not foolish for wanting to go! Cheers -Shelly

Posted over 3 years ago

Default_avatarImogen (Imogen)

First time overseas-Should I go to South America?

Hello I'm a nineteen year old female from Sydney. I can't wait to travel and am desperate to do so. I've never been overseas before and would dearly love to go to south america first up. I don't have a friend or acquaintance to travel with, so I would be joining a tour by myself. I just want some opinions from people who have been to south america or have knowledge they think would be good to share - even if it's saying you think it'd be better for me to go somewhere else first and why! I do realise that it would be a huge culture shock, but I am really wanting to go because from photos and what I've read about it, it is an amazing place. Also any info about the safety or danger level there would be great - and if I am being foolish thinking of going. Thanks heaps Imogen

Asked almost 4 years ago about Travel Advice South America Latin America Safety (0 responses)

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Default_avatarImogen posted on Imogen's (Imogen) profile

Thinking about travelling to south america on a tour, without bringing a friend etc. I haven't been overseas before. Thoughts?

Posted almost 4 years ago



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