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Hey i'm Lauren, I'm about to head off to Thailand with a friend on route to Oz, where I will be flying solo. I am doing the Reefs and Rainforest tour from Cairns 20th sept 12 and I cannot wait!!!!!! Id love to hear from anyone whose ideas r similar or who is doing the tour. I have 6 weeks off work and fully intend to make the most of it!!! Get in touch if ur plans r similar, look forwar... More

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lozzabellaAnna posted on Anna's (lozzabella) profile

Hi Eileen, Oh don't be nervous. We will be fine! And most peeps are in the same boat. I'm travelling around Asia at the moment. When do you arrive in oz? X

Posted over 3 years ago

Default_avatarEileen posted on Anna's (lozzabella) profile

Hey Lauren. I'm Eileen from Germany. I have also booked this tour. It's my first solo trip and I'm so nervous.

Posted over 3 years ago

lozzabellaAnna posted on Anna's (lozzabella) profile

Just signed up to reefs and rainforest tour from cairns 20th sept...any one else? (it's not letting me 'add the booking' for some reason) ......can't wait! Lauren x

Posted over 3 years ago



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