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Hey, are you going on the 26th October european encounter tour?

Posted over 2 years ago

  • sca24


    Yes, I am. Are you?

    over 2 years ago

sca24Sarah (sca24)

European Encounter (Winter) Nov 7 ???

I'm 80% sure I'm switching my tour to European Encounter (Winter) to the Nov 7th departure date (Oct 24th just isn't selling). How many people are on this tour in the meet up? Do you think it'll sell out? And wheres everyone from? So excited! :)

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sca24Sarah (sca24)

European Encounter (winter) Nov 7

Hey guys, I'm thinking of switching my tour European Encounter Winter tour from Oct 24th to Nov 7th (which is a guaranteed departure) how many people are in your meetup and does it look like have booked? Thanks! Sarah

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sca24Sarah (sca24)

European Encounter October/November 2013

Hey all!, I'm traveling from the U.S. to do the European Encounter (winter) tour on Oct 24th (99 days!). I'm hoping this ends up being a guaranteed departure so I can book my air-fare soon. Is anyone going Oct 17th or Nov 7th? I may end up switching to one of those dates depending on my work schedule. Thanks! Happy travels! :) --Sarah

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sca24Sarah (sca24)


Uploaded almost 3 years ago

sca24Sarah (sca24)

European Impressions


12 countries \ 19 days \ from US$2405 per person

The European Impressions is a fantastic trip for anyone that is looking for a taste of Europe...literally. The only trip that takes you to Belgium for waffles, Germany for beer, Italy for pasta, Spain for tapas and France for escargot! Of course, there's plenty more to do than just eat your way around Europe. Visits to Pisa, Monaco, Innsbruck and Carcassonne are all part of the included itinerary meaning your free time really is yours to play with.

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