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Suggested packing list - Europe - Summer Saved Contikipedia Article

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European Impressions


12 countries \ 19 days \ from US$2407 per person

The European Impressions is a fantastic tour for anyone that is looking for a taste of Europe...literally. The only tour that takes you to Belgium for waffles, Germany for beer, Italy for pasta, Spain for tapas and France for escargot! Of course, there's plenty more to do than just eat your way around Europe. Visits to Pisa, Monaco, Innsbruck and Carcassonne are all part of the included itinerary meaning your free time really is yours to play with.

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European Impressions depart 23/Sep/2013?

This will be my first contiki tour and trip to Europe so very excited and wanting to meet people. Any tips on packing, travel, amount of money needed etc welcomed!! Safe travels everyone!

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