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Greek Island Adventurer Review/Experience

Who has been on the Greek Island Adventurer and what was your experience/view of the trip? What is the special accommodations? I've been on 2 previous Contiki's and I know any trip is what you make it and I must admit I've had amazing times on the previous two tours that I've done. Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Asked 4 months ago about Europe Greece Greek Islands Greek Island Adventurer Greek Island Hopping Greek Island Hopper Greek Island Cruising (1 response)

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London Paris plus Amsterdam Tour

So I just booked my first tour with Contiki and I'm so excited about this trip! I'm looking to get some advice from other seasoned travelers. My tours is scheduled for Sept 27-Oct 6. My main concerns are: the weather (how cool will it be? I live in LA so it doesn't get to cold here), money (how much to bring, should I use cash or card or both), where to purchase hop on hop off bus tickets, and any other helpful advice or recommendations that you have to offer. (I.e. what to see, what to do) also who else is going on this tour?

Asked almost 2 years ago about Europe United Kingdom Great Britain England London Paris Amsterdam Travel Advice France Netherlands (4 responses)

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