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London and Barcelona Hotels! Where should I stay?

Hey everyone! I booked the Road to Athens tour that officially starts July 8th. I'm leaving early and checking out Barcelona and London before the tour starts. Anyone have awesome recommendations on where to stay? A few suggested hostels but I'm willing to pay a little more to stay at a decent hotel. I'm going solo on this trip and have never been to Europe so I welcome all suggestions. Also if there is anything cool I need to check out let me know...places to eat etc... Thanks!

Asked about 3 years ago about Europe Road To Athens London Greece Italy Paris Barcelona England Great Britain United Kingdom France Catalonia Spain (3 responses)

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Uploaded about 3 years ago

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Hi--actually this will be my first! :)

Posted about 3 years ago

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Hey Christine! I see you're in our tour!! Have you ever been on a Contiki tour? It's our I'm looking for tips! Lol!

Posted about 3 years ago



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