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28-year-old Female living in Ringwood,Melbourne, VIC Australia

Love travelling. since going to around europe (46day contiki camping) and travelling to egypt for 2 weeks as well as working in a uk pub for 6 months, i have gotten the travelling bug. am soon to go to bali so cant wait. came back from uk so i could study to be a personal trainer as its lots cheaper here, and will hopefully travel to every europe country and former ussr before im 30. that requi... More

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Hi I'm Zoe. 24 going on 25 while traveling in nz. Been on 46 day camping around Europe with contiki before, Egypt, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, England twice and nz twice too; so a little bit have a travel bug. Can't wait to visit more countries and explore them thoroughly as heading back to nz this June/ July :)

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