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My husband and I are embarked on our first trip overseas August 2011! We were absolutely amazed and had the time of our lives. I can't wait to travel contiki again. Hopefully summer 2013!

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I was grateful for packing dresses- light, airy, comfortable, can dress up or down. I used a long cotton scarf to keep the sun off my neck, to dip in fountains to cool down, and for an accessory. Also, a few pairs of comfortable walking shoes are all the shoes necessary- cobblestones, uneven pavement, and long days of walking can do a number on you. We brought our own Euros so that we only had to use a bank in an emergency. That way, we weren't taking away from the trip to do basic errands. We did all of the extra excursions with the group because we never went to Europe before and we weren't sorry. If you want to go to the prestigious museums in Florence, consider booking before you leave!! The line for the David was over an hour and a half. Our guide had no problem getting us into the Uffizi though. And because we attempted to speak the languages, at least manners, people were very nice and helpful.

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