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Best of USA, August 24 2015

A friend and I just booked on this trip!! Is anyone else going on this one as well?

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Hi Melissa. Sorry for the late response. No I have not booked anything yet. I have been looking at the cost of the Best of USA tour and it is pretty expensive. A travel agent told me that I think Contiki do a tour where you go LA, Las Vegas and San Fran. I was thinking of doing that and then flying over to NY. I definitely want to spend days before in LA and days after in NY. I just don't want to go by myself. What are your thoughts?

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    Hey! Yes it is a bit expensive, especially if you're paying it off (I will be), however I think it will be more than worth it. I was looking at a few of the shorter, cheaper trips but I really want to do a contiki tour for a minimum of 2 weeks to thoroughly enjoy the contiki experience and spend time with new people! So I think ill definitely do the best of USA tour with a few nights in LA prior and a few nights in NY after, (would love to go to Miami, Florida too, but we will see)... What were the cheaper trips you were looking at? It may all end up costing the roughly the same if your having to book your own internal flights to NY and accommodation etc.. But let me know what you've come up with :) I am also going to Canada after NY for 1-2 weeks, not doing a contiki tour, just planning on seeing a few places and my brother recently moved over there so I want to visit him while I am over that side of the world. Will then fly from vancouver to brisbane. At the moment, I will be doing my whole trip solo, as none of my friends are in a rush too commit to anything, whereas I want to book so I don't miss out... I'm like you, would prefer to with someone I know, however I think i'd be fine doing it on my own.. it's also good knowing there is other people like yourself who are going solo too so we are in the same boat. Anyways let me know your thoughts and where you're at with it all :)

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HELP! Opinions, Best of USA or Grand Southern?

A friend and myself are looking at either one of these trips for july/august 2015. I want to do the best of USA as it spends a couple of nights in each main city whereas she wants to do the grand southern however I feel it is a long time to spend on a bus and you only get 1 day or night before moving onto the next town. I would rather enjoy places like vegas, san gran & cali for a couple of nights. I need some opinions on which one you guys recommend??? Thanks in advance :)

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