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Uploaded almost 4 years ago

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Hi eliza i saw your question but i couldnt comment on it but me and my friend are both 18 and will be on that tour too :)

Posted almost 4 years ago

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Hi Eliza, I am also doing this tour but am staying at the Royal National Hotel the night before, this is my second Contiki, If you are not staying at this hotel all i would suggest is to pop round the night before to the royal national as there is more than likely going to be details on the information board regarding our departure on the Sat 25th Morning, I would also think there maybe information regarding the group getting together possibly that evening to get to know each other before the tour you should join the meet up section on the site, a few of us members of the tour are on there :-)

Posted almost 4 years ago

ElizaEliza (Eliza)

European Horizon 25th August anyone?

Hi! This is my first Contiki trip! I'm 18 years old and travelling alone. Who else is going on this trip? Could anyone give me some good tips for this trip? My main question is, do I have to stay in the Royal National Hotel on the night before my trip, or can I get to the Basement so early to get my luggage checked etc if I'm coming from another hotel/hostel?

Asked almost 5 years ago about Europe European Horizon Accommodation London Travel Advice England Great Britain United Kingdom (3 responses)

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