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Hi, We are planning on heading on the trip on the 16th Dec, any ideas worth sharing ?

Posted about 3 years ago

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    hey! If you're extending your trip in London before or after your trip, look online for the LondonPass. It'll give you unlimited travel on buses and trams (I think?) as well as unlimited entry to most of the attractions. So that's worth checking out. I'm asking family who've been to the countries for what they'd recommend, but I'll pass their ideas on! I'm new to travelling myself, so there's not many ideas I can give you at the moment. :)

    about 3 years ago

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Winter Wanderer December - January 2013/14

Hi everyone! I'm going on the winter wanderer tour starting Dec 20th and was wondering who else is going on the same tour. Also if you've been on this tour, what are some recommendations for while we're out and about? Cheers!

Asked about 3 years ago about Europe Winter Wanderer (8 responses)



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