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Oktoberfest - 7 Days Camping (Start/End London)

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22-year-old Female living in Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand

Kia ora everyone! I'm Amy, 21 years old and from Auckland, New Zealand. I'm currently finishing up my last year at university before heading overseas for my OE! I'm hoping to head to America for a fleeting couple of days before flying into Europe where I'm planning on spending the majority of my time. After a couple of months, I'll fly to Thailand for some sun, sand and singha beers befo... More

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Must do's in LA?

I've got a week travelling solo in Los Angeles in August and was wondering about some of the highlights of the city. I've factored in Universal, the Museam of Tolerance and the clique touriest-esque experiences like the TMZ tour and the boulevard. But are there any other places/events/things that stand out? I've only got limited time, but I wanna fit in as much as I can! THANKS =] Amy.

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amybedwellamybedwell (amybedwell)

Oktoberfest 2014 - 7 days camping from 18 sept

I just booked! Pretty psyched to get a spot on the tour. Anyone else on this tour?

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