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TessaClareTessaClare (TessaClare)

Hi Matthew. Really awesome review!! Sounds incredible!! Very roughly, if you don't mind me asking please, how much extra money did you spend on your trip over and above the tour price and your flight? I really love Contiki - have done a Euro one, but everyone says the SE Asia is sooooo cheap, I'm worried I'm paying way more than necessary doing a tour. That said however, I am travelling alone & that can be lonely, plus involves so much admin to self plan, so part of what you are paying for is the company and experienced organisation. But just to get an overall budget, it would be great to get an estimate of what else you spent money on. The other thing - did you feel like you were often in a bus or that you were out there experiencing? THanks so much

Posted about 4 years ago

  • Matthew Hogg


    Hi Tessa! Thanks so much for reading it. You're right, Asia is super cheap, and you can do it on your own (and I have!). But if you're like me and have fallen in love with the Contiki product it's definitely the way to go, particularly if you're travelling solo. Ontop of the tour, you don't really need to spend too much other than your flights. I generally arrive one or two nights before the tour starts, so obviously you would have to pay for that accomodation. There are optional extras that you can do, but even so this isn't a great deal of money (I don't think it's ever been over AUD$100). In terms of spending money, I spent about $1200 in Vietnam, and $1500 in Thailand, Laos & Cambodia. This included eating, drinking, shopping ect. And when I go on holidays, I do splurge. You could do it alot cheaper than that if you wanted to. For example, there was a couple on my last trip that budgeted $50 a day, and they managed fine. In terms of being on a bus all the time, it's definitely not the care. You're there exploring. The buses are used to get you to and from airports, hotels, and to the sights that you want to see. Hope this helps, if there is any more I can help with just ask :-) Matt

    about 4 years ago



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