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Uploaded almost 3 years ago

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Hey Sam there's a Facebook group for the contiki tour :)

Posted about 3 years ago

  • Samantha


    Hey Sam! Thanks for that but I actually had to change to a shorter tour- and I can't figure out to sign out of the meet up, have a great time! X

    about 3 years ago

  • samantha


    Wait wrong one its

    about 3 years ago

SamanthaSamantha (Samantha)

Ultimate European plus Greek Islands


16 countries \ 46 days \ from US$6845 per person

THE Ultimate European experience! Visit 16 countries & hit up all the major European destinations in the first half of the tour. Then relax & chill in the stunning Greek Islands with a cocktail. The second half of the tour is all about uncharted territory before exploring Germany, Switzerland & the Netherlands. After this, your hardest decision will be finding somewhere new to visit for your next trip!

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SamanthaSamantha (Samantha)


Uploaded over 3 years ago

SamanthaSamantha (Samantha)

Ultimate European + greek islands june 23rd 2013

hey guys, my best friend and i are all set to book this trip, we were just wondering if anyone else has booked it yet/ considering it thankyou!

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