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Glacier Walks

Hey Everyone! Is there anyone who has done a New Zealand tour that includes a hike/walk on Franz Josef or Fox Glaciers and can tell me if they supply all of the equipment you'll need? I'm especially interested in whether they supply appropriate clothing for the colder temperatures and ice (e.g., coats, appropriate footwear to strap the crampons to)? Thanks in advance!

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Packing Advice for NZ Please?!

I'm booked to do The Big Tiki tour from mid-February to early March this year. I understand that this is the end of NZ's summer season, heading into fall, so lots of light layers are probably best. However, the tour does include some time on and around Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. Is winter clothing required for these areas? Also, if I opt to do the day walk/hike on the glacier, do I have to have proper footwear for the crampons (like waterproof hiking shoes), or do they supply anything you might need for that (like warm jackets, appropriate footwear, etc.)? Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated!

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The Big Tiki (Christchurch to Auckland - Until October 2014)


1 country \ 21 days \ from n/a per person

Get ready for stunning natural surroundings, chilled out Kiwi culture & an adrenaline rush! Visit Dunedin, try Speight's & hit up the action & adventure of Queenstown! Ever tried a bungy jump, jet boating, canyon swinging or 4-wheel driving? Now's the time! Head north to the land of the Lord of the Rings, Wellington, try a hāngi & cruise Lake Taupo. Hit Rotorua, go 'Zorbing' & end your day relaxing in a thermal pool. Blackwater raft the caves of Waitomo too!



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