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31-year-old Male living in Downey, California United States Of America

Fun adventurous guy from LA who loves to travel!! ✈️

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Best of Europe (start Amsterdam)


5 countries \ 10 days \ from US$2225 per person

Short on time? Got lots to check off your 'things to see' list? The Best of Europe is the tour for you. Get straight into holiday mode with sightseeing in Amsterdam before driving to Berlin & Prague, finishing in style with a flight to Rome. As the name suggests, we've taken all the best parts of Europe, the most convenient forms of travel & combined them all into one action packed trip. Get your cameras, taste buds & walking shoes much to see, eat & do, in the perfect amount of time to achieve it!

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Best of Europe (start Amsterdam) July 30th

Hi everyone, friend and I are doing the Best of Europe (start Amsterdam) on July 30th. Just wondering how many people were going on this trip as well. Or if anyone has been on this trip before and has any advice to give that'd be awesome too. Thanks.

Asked about 2 years ago about Europe Netherlands Amsterdam Germany Italy (3 responses)

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Cant wait..Next trip July 30th Best of Europe (Amsterdam)!!

Posted about 2 years ago

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Uploaded about 2 years ago



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