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European adventures budget

Hi All, This is probably something that comes up time and time again, but any insight or help you can provide would be very much appreciated. I am heading to Europe (from Melbourne, Australia) for close to 7 weeks in June this year and am wondering how much money to take? Everywhere I've read it says $100-150 a day is more than enough which is fine but I'm trying to determine whether this is AU money or Euro? Ultimately I'm thinking a total of $7,500AU for the entire time spent over there as travelling $$. I'll also be in London for 1.5 days before my tour starts and am wondering how many pounds to take with me? Will 200-300 pounds be enough or should I take more? (I want to just have cash for London & if I have any change I can always change it to euro while I'm overseas?) Thanks, Pat

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