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Trail to London


9 countries \ 16 days \ from US$2369 per person

Get the perfect mix of East & West in just over two weeks! From the up-and-coming cultural hubs of Krakow & Budapest to the romance of Italy, the striking Alps to the glamour of Paris, this tour has it all. It's year-round too, so you can experience all these amazing locations no matter what the season.

AshleyNicoleAshley (AshleyNicole)

Mediterranean Quest


5 countries \ 10 days \ from US$1085 per person

How do you like the sound of crystal clear waters, Riveria boutiques & a spot of flamenco dancing? We thought so. Throw in a few iconic landmarks, some super yachts & a casino or two & you hve the Med Quest!

AshleyNicoleAshley (AshleyNicole)

Eastern Quest


6 countries \ 11 days \ from US$1515 per person

Tick off four of Europe's biggest & best capital cities in 10 days! Get amongst Amsterdam's legendary nightlife, the gritty street art & history of Berlin, spectacular Gothic spires in Prague and beautiful & iconic sites of Rome. Each of these cities is unique, which make this the perfect tour for experiencing loads of cultures in a short amount of time.

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Quest to Rome


7 countries \ 17 days \ from US$2355 per person

Experience this fabulous continent & have the ultimate good time! Two nights in Paris gives you plenty of time for a day trip to Versailles or Euro Disney as well as the requisite shopping on the Champs-Élysées and museum visits. Make your way down through Italy via Spain and the French Riviera before ending your tour in Rome, the Eternal City.

AshleyNicoleAshley (AshleyNicole)

Quest to London


10 countries \ 19 days \ from US$2679 per person

If you're in search of some serious culture & ticking things off your bucket list this is the trip for you. Start in the Spanish hub of Barcelona and work your way along the coast through the sophisticated French Rivieria & onto beautiful Italy for iconic sights, world famous eats & some good times with your new Contiki mates. Head north through Salzburg & Prague before hitting the uber cool Berlin & Amsterdam. See Europe from all angles - Quest to London!

AshleyNicoleAshley (AshleyNicole)

European Discovery


9 countries \ 13 days \ from US$2479 per person

If trips were like courses at a dinner party, the European Discovery would be the appetiser. 8 countries in one shot gives you a taste of all the big cities plus some hidden treasures, so you know where to go next time! From Amsterdam to Rome to Paris, you won't want to miss a thing. In fact, sleep will probably be the last thing on your mind!

AshleyNicoleAshley (AshleyNicole)

Italian Espresso


2 countries \ 8 days \ from US$1172 per person

Like a well-made espresso, this trip is a short, strong hit of all things Italian! Walk in the footsteps of Roman Emperors & throw your 3 coins in the Trevi fountain. Enjoy traditional Tuscan hospitality, art & architecture in Renaissance Florence. Then finish up by wandering the tiny streets of Venice.

AshleyNicoleAshley (AshleyNicole)

London & Paris


3 countries \ 7 days \ from US$1085 per person

Spend your time discovering London & Paris with this action-packed tour. No need to negotiate maps, guidebooks, or public transport - leave that to us! Your 3 days in London include a city tour of the major sites, London Tube passes, a ‘Jack the Ripper’ Walking Tour, tickets to a West End musical & plenty of free time. And then its onto Paris for a tour of the city by night, a visit to a French perfumery & a day trip to Versailles. On top of all that you'll still have time to shop, visit museums & soak up the joie de vivre!

AshleyNicoleAshley (AshleyNicole)

London Explorer (4 nights)


1 country \ 5 days \ from US$755 per person

Why come all the way to Europe and not spend some quality time in the English capital? Add this self-guided package onto your other Contiki holidays and use the time to discover museums, shop on Oxford Street, eat curry on Brick Lane, see a West End show or listen to some of the hottest music coming out of England's famous nightlife. Also included is a day trip up to Bath and Stonehenge! Our Contiki Representatives in central London are on hand to help you out with sightseeing info and tips on getting around so you never have to stress!

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Mykonos & Island Cruising

0 countries

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Eastern Trail


6 countries \ 9 days \ from US$1325 per person

If 'off the beaten track' is what you're after, then this tour is just for you! Head out east beyond the former 'Iron Curtain' to the historic, charismatic & beautiful cities of Krakow and Budapest, stop off in Slovenia's hidden gem of Ljubljana, then top the experience off with a taste Italian culture at its finest. The perfect mix!

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Passport Question for UK and France

Hey everyone! This is my first trip back to Europe in about 9 years... I'm going on the London and Paris trip in June... at that point I will only have 6 months left on my passport.. I've heard different responses about getting it renewed before my trip. Some say I should because most countries won't let me in with only 6 months left, and others say I'll be fine up until the 3 month point. Which is it? I would just renew to be safe, but will they give me a new passport number? I've already given all those details for my trip and I'm trying to make things as simple as possible :) If anyone can help I'd appreciate it!! Sincerely, A confused traveler

Asked about 3 years ago about Visas Paris London Passport Visa Travel Advice France Europe England Great Britain United Kingdom Passports (2 responses)

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