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30-year-old Male living in New York, New York United States Of America

Hoping for 2 weeks of madness, adventure and a hint of relaxation :-)

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European Highlights 8 countries \ 16 days

23 Jul 2011 - 07 Aug 2011 \ This tour was for the most part, mind-blowing. The amount of information I learned about and the destinations I was able to visit in a 2-week period was incredible. Having not ever been to Europe before, I feel this was the very best introduction I could have asked for. That being said, the down-side to the tour is also the fact that you fit so much into such a short time-span. For example: In Paris, we were told we didn't need to visit the Louvre during our free time because we would be going as a group the following morning. The next morning, we get to the Louvre and are told that we have 1 hour. 1 hour to stand in line with hundreds of people, see the Mona Lisa and get back on the bus. The line to get in was a 45 minute wait alone, so a good majority of us didn't bother racing the clock in fear that we would miss the bus. The same 1 hour restriction was given to the leaning tower of Pisa, but this was more acceptable as you weren't required to wait on line. My only other complaint would have to be the mandatory chores at the included dinners. Let me start by saying that this would not have been an issue if it was explained before-hand better, but being told that you are required to help cook or clean up after a dinner at the campsite after paying for the trip is sort of a "gotcha". For a traveler like me who often skipped the free dinners and opted for local cuisine, this was an aggravating obligation. Luckily I wasn't chosen to help, but if I was, I wouldn't have raced back to the site and skipped an amazing dinner in Rome to wash dishes. In closing, I'll say one last thing about the group itself. The budget tour included a majority of 18-21 year old girls. Being a 27 year old guy, I was hopeful to have more of a mixed age and gender dynamic. I think this is probably a result of the lower cost of the tour though. regardless of that, being submersed into a group of 50 strangers was freakin fantastic, and I certainly made friends that I will be in touch with for a long time, if not forever. This was NOT a relaxing vacation haha, word of warning - it's intense! But that's what I was after, so I think it's a good thing. Just don't expect to sleep in and lounge in the sun all day on this one, ha!

This tour was for the most part, mind-blowing. The amount of information I learned about and the destinations I was able to vis... read more

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European Highlights


8 countries \ 15 days \ from US$1744 per person

Got two weeks to spare and want to see as much of Europe as possible? Then this is the tour for you! Two night stops in the big cities - Paris, French Riviera, Rome and Amsterdam - included sightseeing, walking tours, scenic drives...you'll wish your holiday would never end.

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