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26-year-old living in Gold coast, Queensland Australia

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Robbo98Rob posted on Jenna's (Jenna) profile

Hey Jenna :) I am hoping to do the same as you, I'm doing a England and Sctoland tour plus going to Berlin and Dublin mixed in there as well. I am lookg at doing the running of the Bulls, La Tomatina, Octoberfest and well everything!!! I can't wait!! I will be living in London from the 5th of June I think looking for work or to travel somewhere else for a bit :) Wow you don't have long to go you must be so excited! Go Queenslanders!

Posted about 3 years ago

Libby1186Libby1186 posted on Jenna's (Jenna) profile

Hopefully staying for the two years that's my plan anyway... What about you? You will be fine on your own ill keep in touch with you and then at least I'm one person you'll know in London.. I'm doing a tour from 13th march till 7 April and hopefully will have met a few ppl on my tour that are staying around afterwards also.. It's very exciting :-))

Posted over 3 years ago



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