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31-year-old Female living in Tujunga, California, United States of America

The photo is from Halloween. We are required to dress-up at work, and I went as a Ninja Bunny...Anyways, I'm a history and folklore geek, and am so very thrilled to have the chance to travel!

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25 days! *runs around her apartment excitedly like an excited thing*

Posted over 3 years ago

KatieKatehrin Welling posted on Katehrin Welling's (Katie) profile

Can not stop squeeing about this! YAY!!

Posted over 3 years ago

  • Katie


    over 3 years ago

    October 12th! LAX to Chicago and then Chicago to Dublin. You?

  • b.r.i.t.t.a.n.y


    over 3 years ago

    me two! (: when do you leave??

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135 days! Sorting out the music playlists, any suggestions?

Posted over 3 years ago

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KatieKatehrin Welling (Katie)



2 countries \ 8 days \ from US$1205 per person

Ireland is famous for Guinness, the Blarney Stone, good music and craic! Take in many of the famous sights on this fantastic jaunt around the country. Enjoy cosmopolitan Dublin and its many bars, learn about the tragic history of "the troubles" in Belfast and Londonderry, before enjoying the scenery and good times in the South.

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