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25-year-old Female living in hervey Bay , Qld Australia

G'day! My name is Lisa and I am a cake Decorate from Harvey Bay QLD, Australia.This will be my first contiki and I'm travelling solo and fromwhat I have been told by other friends who have completed the trip we are going to have the time of our lives!! I am so excited for this trip and can't wait too meet you all :)

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Tickets Disneyland and Hollywood Homes Tour LA

Hi, Was just wondering if any past passengers can give some reccomendations as to wether I should pre buy tickets for Disneyland and a Hollywood homes and sights tour before leaving Australia, Or is it better to organise it once there in Los Angeles?. We have dates that we are wanting to do each so dont want the tour to book out. Any help would be great. Cheers in advance

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LisaLisa (Lisa)

Mobile Phone Networks in USA.. What is best?

Just wondering what mobile carriers everyone has used while in America? I am doing the Grand Southern and I plan on getting a SIM card when I am over there and putting it into my smart phone from home (australia) and what phone company everyone else has used and what would be best. Any help from anyone would be SUPER :) Thanks in advance :)

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Hey Lisa, I just noticed you fly into LA the same day as me, what time do you get into LA? Im planning on exploring the sights of that day if you want to join. I get in a 9.30am.

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    almost 3 years ago

    Woops i meant Doubletree by Hilton :)

  • Nicole


    almost 3 years ago

    You too :) Ha ha fair enough, Im lucky enough to have never had jetlag so heres hoping i dont get it going there, fingers crossed lol. That tour on the 14th sounds great, i would love to join. I am staying at the Downtree (Hilton), its the hotel our Contiki is leaving from so makes it easy, I dont have to worry about getting there on the morning of the tour. Have you booked your accomodation? So excited!!! :)

  • Lisa


    almost 3 years ago

    hey Nicole. Great too meet you :) I do Grt into LA on the 12th at 7am... i dont really have alot planned on that day as I am not sure how I am going to go with Jetlag haha. But a few of us had planned to do a Hollywood stars home and sights tour on the 14th that I would Love for you to join us on!! on the 12th i thought i would prob get my phone organised and just have a wonder around. what did you have planned for that day?? company would be super haha. have you got accomodation as yet for LA?? great to hear from you :)

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Hiya, gotta love Facebook! My email is :)

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Hey Lisa, glad to hear you're getting onto the FB page. My email is

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