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I hope these are of use to someone, just a few thoughts after my own Asian Adventure :-) - In terms of taking/obtaining currency, I would take my keycard to withdraw from my bank account as always but I would also take perhaps $500-$750 AUD/USD cash to exchange as you go at one of the many currency exchanges on your travels. To exchange currency for currency in the country you are in seems to be a much more economical way to do things - at least in Asia? I exchanged money in Australia before I left and found that everywhere we went, the rate in the country itself was substantially better. The currency used in Cambodia is USD and you can exchange USD or Baht at the Lao border for Kip. - In terms of getting Laos and Cambodian Visas, getting them beforehand is far more expensive then getting them on arrival. My group had more people travelling without so it was no hassle getting one on arrival as 25 other people were in the same boat. Vietnam Visas seemed to be better to be arranged in advance. - Make sure you pick up some hippy pants and t-shirts in Bangkok because with all the temples you are about to see, you will need to have your knees and shoulders covered. - Strap yourselves in because you are in for one hell of a ride. SE Asia is a crazy wonderful place that will make you laugh lots, smile even more and bring a tear to your eye. Soak it up, live it up and ENJOY...

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