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European Panorama


13 countries \ 29 days \ from US$5099 per person

For a widescreen view of Western Europe, try the European Panorama tour, which takes you through 12 countries. Drinking wine in Bordeaux, eating traditional tapas in Barcelona, beach bumming on the Greek Island of Corfu, bike riding in the Dutch countryside. These are just a few of the activities you have available to you while touring panorama style. Whether you're into art, adventure or just plain relaxing, this tour offers something for everyone.

AnnetteAnnette (Annette)

Sept 7th European Panorama travelling solo..

Hi I'm from Qld, Aus and I am travelling solo for the first time on the European Panorama, just wondering if anyone else is going to be on this trip and weather many other people have experiences from travelling solo when they have done past contiki tours.

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