I am going Contiki!


Best of USA (Start Los Angeles)

2 6 7 days to go

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26-year-old Female living in DIAMOND CREEK, VIC Australia

Have been to Bali and Thailand with friends and fam. Now USA is on top of my bucket list and contiki is the way to go! Want to Party hard and shop til I drop :-)

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Jacz88Jaclyn (Jacz88)

Best of USA July 20 2015? (Start LA)

I've booked this trip! Has anyone else?

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Jacz88Jaclyn (Jacz88)

Best of USA (Start Los Angeles)


1 country \ 14 days \ from US$3419 per person

The name says it all. With 4 hot USA cities wrapped into 1 tour, these are 2 weeks you don’t want to miss out on! Start in the 'City of Angels' & hit the streets to see the Walk of Fame and the stars' homes in Hollywood Hills. Fly north to San Fran, famous for its cable cars & the Golden Gate Bridge, before partying with the high rollers in Vegas. Then after all the West Coast action, more excitement awaits you under the bright lights & hustle & bustle of the Big Apple, where you'll finish your tour in style.

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Jacz88Jaclyn (Jacz88)

Moomba Festival Melbourne

Moomba Festival Melbourne

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