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A quick share for Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia visas

Visas rules is complicated in this part of the world - Asia. Worse, the rules change and most of the information on the websites you can find are outdated. Having to run through all of them, decide which one is right and get your visa, are perhaps, why most people hate to have (need) one. I wish to do a quick run through.. of the latest visa updates and how you can get one. It is meant for tourist visa not business visa. Forgive me about the typo and quick format. If you have any feedback, you can type in the comment and let's share. Myanmar - No visa on arrival. You MUST get it before you go, through embassy or through agents. Embassy can have your passport stamped. Agents can not, but they can get you an official approval letter and you can then get your passport stamped in the Myanmar airport. This agent-like process is called 'Pre-arranged visa on arrival'. Cambodia - Apply online and receive the visa in PDF. Print it out and attach it to your passport, yes, it is this easy and no visit to embassy. Or, get it on arrival, beware of the queue. Of course, you can still apply through embassy, why not. Vietnam - Again, no visa on arrival. Must apply through embassy or through agent. The process is similiar to Myanmar and you get an approval letter online and fly. Laos and Thailand.. these two beautiful countries offer Visa on arrival. Basically.. you just pack and go and get visa at their airport. Easy!! Sri Lanka and Australia - Get ETA. Yes.. eletronic travel authority. kind of. You apply online, get a the ETA by email. Print it out, staple to your passport.. Done! Malaysia, Singapore - Most european get visa for free. Not so much of planning in advance. Hope the info helps. If you have any questions, you can ask me in this forum. I wish to introduce myself a wee bit (not hard see or marketing).. I own a website that act as online visa agent. Keeping myself updated with visa rules are pretty much what I do. Still... before you use the information above, you must first check your visa requirement first - that is, if you need a visa or not. Use this Pin

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