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shanerivers76shane rivers (shanerivers76)

is anyone doing the european trail tour ?

has anyone done it already or doing it?

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shanerivers76shane rivers (shanerivers76)

European Trail


13 countries \ 24 days \ from US$3359 per person

This tour has it all - relaxed pace, amazing destinations - and it's year-round! Experience the diversity of Europe on the European Trail - journey through Western Europe, beyond the former 'Iron Curtain' into Poland & Hungary, soak up La Dolce Vita in romantic Italy, be blown away by epic vistas in the Swiss Alps & finish off in the gorgeous 'City of Lights', Paris. You couldn't ask for more!

shanerivers76shane rivers (shanerivers76)


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shanerivers76shane rivers (shanerivers76)

anyone doing the european vista tour on july 4th?

just looking to see if anyone else is doing the tour i would be travelling solo

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