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26-year-old Female living in anchorage, Alaska United States

I'm ready to have some fun, shake it, slap some high fives....then get back home safely! !! =] Who's with me???? I'm a yoga-flexing nut here and ready for some safe fun! I'm easy to get along with and ready to explore Hey there, So I'm Jessica. I live in Anchorage. I love traveling, oil paintings, gold, silver, jazz concerts, ballet, real estate, good music, art, philosophy, passion, mu... More

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laralara posted on FunJessicafromAlaska's (FunJessicafromAlaska) profile

What's up hot mama? I didn't know you like to paint haha. Next time you're in alaska we're doing that. Even if I have to lure you in with a bottle of wine and a good time ;) haha

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