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Hey Mo, I have a few questions to ask you about Thailand. I read U been to Thailand B4 and U seem familiar with all the happening spots & places to hang out and I'm thinking about going to Thailand (by myself) do u think it would be kool? I went to Europe for 12 days & 8 countries (2months ago) but not sure how If could do the same thing in Thailand.. Also when's the best time to go? I see a lot of people are going like March and April, I was thinking about September or October. What about Cell phone? Not like I'm gonna be talking on my cell the whole time I'm on holiday/vaca but I would like to let my mom & dad know when I've made it to my destination. If U did bring your phone how was the service? And last question, I see you wear your hair braided. I wore my hair braided when I went to Europe 2 months ago (in December while freezing cold!!!) but did U wear your hair braided while in Thailand? If not would u suggest it? Sorry to ask you sooo many questions. Greatly appreciate any response. Thanks. ~Fina~ :-)

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