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24-year-old living in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

I am a bright fun and outgoing person. Its time to stop waiting for everyone else to make up their mind about travels and to start on my own! There's plenty of people out there to meet and greet and now is the time ! Sport fanatic. Love the AFL, soccer both in Australia and EPL, follow the NRL and also dabble in a bit of basketball following. I plan to start small on my adventures and gro... More

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Hi how was the tour?

Posted over 1 year ago

Bluebear1111Bluebear1111 (Bluebear1111)

Thailand West Hopper - 6th November ?

Hey guys! Anyone traveling on the 6th to the 14th of November? Celebrating my birthday on the 11th - I'm on my own and having the half excited/half nerves situation going on! Idea - to start smalll and travel on bigger adventures after this i guess !

Asked almost 2 years ago about Meeting Places Asia Thai Island Hopper West Thailand (16 responses)

Bluebear1111Bluebear1111 (Bluebear1111)


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