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European Inspiration (Winter)

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24-year-old Female living in Bunbury, Western Australia Australia

Hello :) I have only travelled within Australia and am so excited to get out and experience the rest of the world!! xoxo

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BrookeElysseBrooke (BrookeElysse)

Euro Inspiration - November?? December?? 2014!!

Hello :) Anyone looking at doing the Euro Inspiration November or December???? xoxo

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BrookeElysseBrooke (BrookeElysse)

European Inspiration (Winter) December 2014

Hello All :) Is anyone interested in doing this tour December?? I did a Contiki in the USA last year and absolutely loved it!! Xoxo Brooke

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Hi Brooke, saw you might be travelling in summer next year. I will be going on the european whirl on August 7th. first contiki and super nervous! Let me know if it's something you might be looking at :)

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    4 months ago

    Hey babe!!!! Omg yessssss I love the sound of that one :) I need to check with my boss to get time off but I was thinking around August too!! I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a longer or shorter one because it all depends in how much leave I'm allowed because I just went to America but I have a feeling a shorter one like Whirl would be perfect :) then go a few days early and stay a couple days later!! Are you going earlier or later babe?? Xoxo

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London to Athens


7 countries \ 22 days \ from US$3465 per person

Tailor made for those wishing to travel the Contiki way but at a slightly more relaxed pace. Three nights in Paris gives you plenty of time for a day trip to Versailles or Euro Disney as well as the requisite shopping on the Champs-Élysées and museum visits. Make your way down through Italy via Spain and the French Riviera, chill for a few nights on the Greek island of Corfu before ending your tour in Athens after ticking the Acropolis off your things to do list.

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Hey Brooke, My name is Zeny from Warrnambool also going to this tour!. I'm not planning to go early or stay longer though it would nice =)

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Hey Brooke! My names Elly. I'm from Melbourne & have just booked on the same tour. I'm also travelling alone & will be 21 :)

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    9 months ago

    Hey babe!! :) OH YAY how exciting!! When do you turn 21?? Are you going early or staying longer at all?? xoxo

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European Whirl


10 countries \ 19 days \ from US$2695 per person

If you've been dreaming of going to Europe but don't know exactly where to start, the European Whirl is your best option. Taking in the usual destinations of Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, it also ventures out east to Prague and Berlin. Both of which are currently on Europe's 'must see' list. The perfect combination of culture, relaxation and of course, good times!

BrookeElysseBrooke (BrookeElysse)

European Explorer plus Greek Island Cruising


16 countries \ 34 days \ from US$6375 per person

The European Explorer is the ultimate holiday for those wanting to travel to all the major destinations and do it with a little luxury! Make your way through 17 countries in a little over a month with all the big names being accounted for - Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Rome and Amsterdam - as well as some of the lesser known through Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia. And if you think that 33 days sounds like a long time, don't forget that you'll spend 4 nights sailing around the Greek islands. A holiday within a holiday!

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