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I'm 32. I am just finishing graduate school getting ready for law school and I am ready to go on my 4th Contiki tour

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London Aug 21-24 sightseeing/pub crawl Royal Nat

Hello, There are a group of us going on different Contiki tours doing a sightseeing/pub crawl leaving from the Royal Nat daily from August 21-24. We will be pairing up a historical sight with a historical pub. It's something I've always wanted to do, so I got on a facebook page started by Steff Bell and put it together. I will have a group page for the sightseeing/pub crawl here in the next couple of months. If you want to join, just find me on facebook and join the Contiki summer 2014 facebook group. See you then, Cheers

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Contiki departures Aug 24th/Pre-tour meetup Aug 21

Hello, there is a group of us from different Contiki tours that depart from the Royal Nat on August 24th doing a London sightseeing/pubcrawl starting on the 21st of August. We're all staying at the Royal National. If anyone wants to join up, just contact me and I will keep you informed.

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London August/European Experience Aug 24th

There are a few of us from different tours leaving on the 24th of August that are meeting in London starting on the 21st doing a pub crawl/sight seeing adventure, and we're all staying at the Royal Nat. If anyone is interested in joining up, just let me know. It will be amazing!!

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