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28-year-old Female living in Sydney, NSW Australia

I'm a 27 year old Brit girl on a whv currently living in Sydney, Australia. Want to see as much of the world as possible with my hubby to be Ian Kite, also on the tour!

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Claire Barratt Claire Barratt (Claire Barratt )


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Claire Barratt Claire Barratt (Claire Barratt )

Beaches and Reefs (Start Sydney)


1 country \ 16 days \ from US$2495 per person

If you love sun, water, fun & adventure then this is the perfect trip for you. Packed with loads of inclusions, you’ll experience the best of what makes the East Coast of Oz such a sought after place to visit. Learn to surf in Coffs Harbour, chill in the Whitsundays & get a taste of the action & adventure of Cairns with a bit of city action & bright lights mixed in for good measure. You'll swim, snorkel, maybe hold a koala or two, jet ski & even towel off for some shopping, bushwalking & tandem skydiving if you’re up for it. It’s the best of the East Coast rolled up into one cool adventure.

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Claire Barratt Claire Barratt (Claire Barratt )


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Claire Barratt Claire Barratt (Claire Barratt )


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