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23-year-old Female living in Newcastle, Nsw Australia

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European Adventurer


16 countries \ 38 days \ from US$5505 per person

The European Adventurer is just that, an adventure. From the cosmopolitan sights of Paris, to the romance and passion of the Italians, even out into uncharted tourist territory in Albania and Croatia, there aren't too many boundaries left to cross. There's even a mini holiday within a holiday when you get down to Greece! The perfect way to see most of Europe without wasting a moment.

EllbenEllen (Ellben)

Europe July/August 2014

I'm hoping to do a Europe concept (or maybe camping if I'm brave enough) tour in 2014 by myself, probably around the 20-30 day mark. Anybody have any advice, or thinking about doing the same? I want to be in Europe for a few months, so if anyone has any plans to go earlier or later let me know! It'd be lovely to know a few faces before hand.

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