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22-year-old Female living in Perth, Western Australia Australia

i'm a fully qualified Florist, I absolutely love my job! So excited about seeing Canada!!! Loved Contiki the first time in Europe, so can't wait for my next on!!

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Erin JErin (Erin J)

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Erin JErin (Erin J)

Berlin & Prague plus Vienna


3 countries \ 9 days \ from US$1355 per person

Cover three of the most popular eastern European cities in more depth with this tour. Three nights each in Berlin and Prague affords you the opportunity for day trips out of the city centre as well as the obligatory 'tick the box' sightseeing. Why not extend your experience and travel to Budapest as well on our Berlin to Budapest tour?

Erin JErin (Erin J)

Egypt & The Nile


1 country \ 8 days \ from US$1215 per person

Travel back in time to the days of the Pharoahs with this action packed trek around Egypt. You'll be guided through the craziness of Cairo with an expert Egyptian Tour Manager, who'll be at your side for the entire tour. See the Great Pyramids & Sphinx in Giza & Valley of the Kings in Luxor. Sail on a traditional Felucca & enjoy shopping in the bazaar! No sitting on a coach for 8 days either - admire the scenery from the deck of your luxury cruise ship as you sail along the Nile. Step back in time & enjoy!

Erin JErin (Erin J)

Scandinavia & Russia Plus


8 countries \ 23 days \ from US$3486 per person

From the Vodka bars of Russia to the surreal landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords, venture into some seriously impressive & historical places while on tour. Sit lakeside in Lillehammer, tour the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, visit Brest Fortress in Belarus & tour the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw (& that’s just the start!). There’s so much happening here & with 8 fascinating countries to visit in 22 days, get ready for sights & experiences like no other!

Erin JErin (Erin J)

The Adventurer (Start Lima - Until Jan 2014)


3 countries \ 25 days \ from n/a per person

South America awaits, and with 25 days of amazing times ahead, get geared up for the best of Peru, Argentina & Brazil. Let culture & adventure take over in Peru - friendly locals, ancient culture, Machu Picchu & the Amazon will impress. Argentina is up next, with its cosmopolitan vibes, cool big city feel, culture & roaring Iguassu Falls. We’ll finish up in Brazil, home to Carnival, Copacabana & caipirinhas! You can choose to either trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or take it easy & go by train.

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