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26-year-old Female living in Brisbane, Qld Australia

Instagram: wanderingtheworld05 Have been to New Zealand and the West Coast of America. Adding Outback to my list in September 2014. Next on my wish list is Europe so hoping to aim for that next year sometime :)

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So my questions is: do people normally just book a big tour, or do they book small tours here and there and then do their own thing? the main countries I want to see are Italy and Greece, but I would also like to see other places as well. if I were to book a big tour, it would be European Escapade (25days). I've only ever had travel agents help me book tours so I wouldn't even know where to start. or would it be best to small tours and see other parts of Europe on your own? I'm a little scared travelling solo without a tour. but I've looked at doing Simply Italy and Greek Adventurer. help a girl out!

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