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24-year-old Male living in Potchefstroom, North-West Province South-Africa

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RynoRyno Van Aardt (Ryno)

European Experience


10 countries \ 21 days \ from US$2815 per person

Experience Europe, Contiki style! A great trip itinerary for those wanting quality time in Italy without skipping anything important on the way there. The second half of the trip is all about beautiful scenery with stops in the Austrian Tyrol as well as the Swiss Alps. Of course, with the beautiful scenery comes some amazing opportunities to raft, ride and climb your way to must have memories.

RynoRyno Van Aardt (Ryno)

The Expedition

0 countries

RynoRyno Van Aardt (Ryno)

Oktoberfest - 6 Days Camping (Start/End Munich)


1 country \ 6 days \ from US$425 per person

Known worldwide as a beer festival, Oktoberfest is actually so much more! From humble beginnings as a royal wedding celebration, the 'Fest has become a party with enough beer, pork, merchandise & amusement park attractions to entertain you for days. Make your own way to Munich & join us there - once you get to Munich, you'll be camping in our pre-set up tents. There’s no thinking required, just have fun!

RynoRyno Van Aardt (Ryno)

European Highlights


8 countries \ 15 days \ from US$1730 per person

Got two weeks to spare and want to see as much of Europe as possible? Then this is the tour for you! Two night stops in the big cities - Paris, French Riviera, Rome and Amsterdam - included sightseeing, walking tours, scenic drives...you'll wish your holiday would never end.

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RynoRyno Van Aardt (Ryno)

Turkish Sailing


1 country \ 8 days \ from US$515 per person

Channel your inner sailor as you explore the stunning Turquoise Coast on a traditional gulet for the ultimate week of relaxation. Swim, snorkel & discover hidden hideaways or just work on your tan on deck in-between delicious home cooked treats. Bliss.

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RynoRyno Van Aardt posted on Ryno Van Aardt's (Ryno) profile

I have done only 1 contiki tour, the European Discovery 2011, and it blew my mind!! My next tour will be the European Highlights tour taking place in September 2013. I absolutely love Europe considering the sights, cultures and all the weird stuff I did and came across on my last tour!!

Posted over 3 years ago

RynoRyno Van Aardt (Ryno)

European Discovery (Winter)


9 countries \ 13 days \ from US$1955 per person

If trips were like courses at a dinner party, the European Discovery would be the appetiser. 8 countries in one shot gives you a taste of all the big cities plus some hidden treasures, so you know where to go next time! From Amsterdam to Rome to Paris, you won't want to miss a thing. In fact, sleep will probably be the last thing on your mind!

RynoRyno Van Aardt (Ryno)


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