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Uploaded almost 3 years ago

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European Highlights


8 countries \ 15 days \ from US$1730 per person

Got two weeks to spare and want to see as much of Europe as possible? Then this is the tour for you! Two night stops in the big cities - Paris, French Riviera, Rome and Amsterdam - included sightseeing, walking tours, scenic'll wish your holiday would never end.

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Considering doing my first contiki tour

Hi, I'm considering doing a contiki tour just because I've never traveled abroad before and need to experience something new, being a generally shy guy in nature, breaking the mold in a way. My initial plan was to visit manchester just so I could see Man Utd vs Liverpool at Old Trafford (big football fan) but then a friend kinda put the idea into my head to do a contiki tour and see Europe as well, seeing that majority of the cost involved would actually be travel costs, so might as well experience the rest while i'm there. Back to my actual question...anyone have any suggestions for which tour would be the best if i'm looking to go either mid January 2013 or early April 2013 taking into account the fact I could probably only do about 2 weeks due to the nature of my job? Thanks,

Asked over 3 years ago about Europe Budget Travel Advice (2 responses)

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Uploaded over 3 years ago

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European Discovery (Winter)


9 countries \ 13 days \ from US$1955 per person

If trips were like courses at a dinner party, the European Discovery would be the appetiser. 8 countries in one shot gives you a taste of all the big cities plus some hidden treasures, so you know where to go next time! From Amsterdam to Rome to Paris, you won't want to miss a thing. In fact, sleep will probably be the last thing on your mind!

ShabbaShabba (Shabba)

European Horizon


8 countries \ 11 days \ from US$1515 per person

Seven countries in ten days...sounds like a tour for people who know what they want and don't have time to wait around for it! This is a great introduction to Europe for first timers, giving you a taste for more. Wear clogs in Amsterdam, visit a beerhall in Munich and cruise the canals of Venice on a gondola, you won't want to miss a moment! This trip is also one of the best for scenery lovers with drives over the famous Brenner Pass and past Lake Como.

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The Little Hopper


6 countries \ 11 days \ from n/a per person

Hop through 4 fantastic European spots in 10 days. Start out in the French capital & indulge in escargot, Champagne, chic atmosphere & incredible icons. Get out of the city for taste of the gorgeous Swiss Alps! From cog railway rides serving up unbeatable views to lush green mountains, it's all about getting back to nature before rubbing shoulders with the rich & famous in the French Riviera. Finish it up by indulging in a whole lot of Italia, starting in gorgeous Florence then heading the floating city Venice – ciao bella!

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European Magic (Winter)


8 countries \ 10 days \ from US$1529 per person

The European Magic tour takes the tried and tested favourite destinations of travellers throughout Europe and packs them into an awesome itinerary. 7 countries in 9 days may seem like an impossible task but if it couldn't be done, we wouldn't do it. In fact, two nights in Venice and Paris will almost feel like a holiday within a holiday! The beauty of this tour is seeing so much in a short space of time and knowing that each day is guaranteed to bring something completely different to yesterday!

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