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Scandinavia (End Stockholm)

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Scandinavia (End Stockholm)


4 countries \ 10 days \ from US$1815 per person

Scandinavia is full of stunning scenery, gorgeous fjords, long summer days, enchanting folk tales & mythical wildlife. Explore it the easy way on this journey through the capital cities. Then get a taste for real Scandinavia in some lesser known spots off the beaten track. See spectacular fjords & glaciers...and don't forget to pack your camera!

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'Sweet as' South (End Wellington)


1 country \ 12 days \ from US$1759 per person

Experience the best of Southern New Zealand. From Lake Ohau to Queenstown to Christchurch - it's an adventure you won't want to end. Start off on an amazing scenic flight over Mt. Cook then get ready to hit Queenstown! You could choose to cruise past stunning waterfalls in Milford Sound, or back on land the action is endless (& the nightlife is not to be legendary!) Hike a glacier & swim in a hotpool before finishing up with some good times in funky Wellington!

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Spain, Morocco & Portugal


4 countries \ 15 days \ from US$2025 per person

Immerse yourself & dive into the culture of unforgettable destinations with our sexy new trip to Spain, Morocco & Portugal! This trip is the perfect blend of culture & fun. See the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Alhambra in Granada & the Rock of Gibraltar, shop up a storm in the souks of Marrakech & discover the nightlife of Lisbon.

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Simply Italy


2 countries \ 12 days \ from US$1874 per person

Discover the big cities and some of the less famous destinations in this fabulous country. This is the only Contiki tour to stay in La Spezia in the Cinque Terre region and Milan, Italy's fashion capital! You'll also visit the picturesque village of Sirmione at Lake Garda, and re-enact the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet in fair Verona where the story was set. Simply Italy, simply perfect!

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