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19-year-old living in Canberra, ACT Australia

Hiya! I'm Tess, currently living in Canberra studying at ANU but come from Tasmania :) Always always alwayysssss wanted to go to Europe and can't believe that this year it's finally happening! Hoping to check off a few places on my bucket list with Contiki! :)

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We're both 18 year olds named Tess? If we were on the same trip that would really be amazing :P

Posted 5 months ago

  • TessaBarlin


    5 months ago

    I know :( I was really hoping I would find someone else my age.. But anyway, I hope we do get to meet up one day and maybe land up on the same tour :) Keep well, and good luck!

  • Tess


    5 months ago

    Hahah right?! That would be awesome! Such a shame we aren't! :P

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Hi Tess.

Posted 5 months ago

  • Tess


    5 months ago

    Eugh.. Hiiiii Grace. Nice loveheart sticker

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Drinking/general budget!!

Hiya! I'm going on 3 contiki's in 2 weeks time, the first is a 9 day one, then Amsterdam Christmas then Scottish New Year. I know that for the very least the new years one is going to be constant drinking but I was just wondering if there was any tips for budgeting for drinking? I'm away for just over 3 weeks (including independent travel) and was thinking 35-40 pounds/euros a day? (Don't want to be skint broke when I get back to Aus.) Too much or too little for my time with contiki/in general?! I don't partic. want to get smashed every night but i'm not sure how much $$ to dedicate to that part. Any tips???

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