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26-year-old Female living in Sydney, Australia

2013- 3 Months in Europe including European Contrasts with Corfu Resort which was the best month of my life!! 2015- 3 Months- South America, NYC, Iceland, Amsterdam, Budapest, Turkey and Egypt!

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Turkish Sailing

1 country \ 8 days \ from US$515 per person



European Contrasts plus Corfu Resort 12 countries \ 30 days

10 Aug 2013 - 07 Sep 2013 \ Where to begin... I don't even know how to put into words what I experienced on my tour! I booked this tour solo and it was the best decision I could have ever made. Hands down the most amazing month of my life. I strongly recommend to anyone who is thinking about doing this tour solo to 100% do it and to not be scared or anxious or worried. Type of tour: Previously concept now 'high energy', that's exactly what it is. If you want to lie around the pool relaxing and having massages this is not the tour for you (however there is time for that in Corfu!). Be prepared for a jam packed tour seeing some of the most amazing places in the world. The contrasts itinerary is in my opinion one of the best to see Europe with. These tours also offer a mix of accommodation types. You get to stay at the special contiki stopovers and campsites and have party nights but you also get to stay in hostels with awesome bars and hotels in a few places! All the accom is clean and the food was always delicious. The onsite members do an awesome job at cooking amazing meals! Party nights are the best and are always some of the biggest nights on tour. Length: 29 days is a perfect amount if you're wanting a tour that you get to see a lot with and bond with your group members but can't afford or don't have time for a longer tour. I could have stayed on that coach way longer and not gotten sick of it though! I was however extremely sick, as was everyone else and don't think I could have physically gone on for much longer due to the amount of alcohol being consumed and 3 hours sleep average most nights (this is of course your own choice!) Optionals: I did all of the optionals except for the Mozart Concert and Bunker tour and I don't regret a single one! They were all amazing and definitely worthwhile. I recommend doing all dinner optionals as that is where your group bonding happens. I can't comment on the Corfu sailing option but the resort was like heaven! After so long being on the go and running on minimal sleep, we got to relax by the pool at the amazing resort and float in lilos in the beach for 3 whole days! It was a much needed mini holiday within the trip. Don't be put off by the overnight ferry. It was actually the best night of sleep for the whole tour because our TM got us cabins and they were pitch black and soundproof! On the way back, we went to the nightclub on the ferry till 6am then slept until early arvo as we weren't arriving until 5 or 6 pm (we had a change in schedule to the normal one). Some people don't know this until the start of the tour but it is customary to tip your TM and Driver 2 euro a day each. I am a huge believer in tipping them for their fantastic work and it's a way of saying thank you for looking after you and giving you an amazing experience for the past month. Some people didn't tip because they hadn't budgeted for it but I sacrificed other things to make sure I could tip them as I feel it is really important. I can't finish this review without saying that I believe your fellow tour members and your attitude to the trip really do make a huge difference. I was lucky enough to have the most amazing group who clicked straight away and we all got on like a house on fire. We had a unique ratio of 30 guys to 13 girls which made for a very very rowdy trip. Our dynamic was so relaxed and chilled we were all so close within a few days! I'd like to say a huge thank you to our amazing Tour Manager- Kellie Birkett who went out of her way to organise extra things and detours for us and had a very loud, crazy group to deal with. She knew so much about everywhere we went and was always happy to find out more for us or help us with extra activities. Our driver, Joao Silva was a legend!! Only his 2nd tour and he drove us up the windy hairpin bends to the top of Mt Vesuvius because we had extra time! He was so friendly and always enjoyed hanging out or doing optionals with us. I have made the best friends from my tour. In under a year, 8 of us have already travelled to 5 Australian cities to see each other, we talk almost everyday on the phone and although it sounds cheesy and cliche, I 100% know we will be friends forever. I'm devastated that I'll never get to experience Contiki in the same way again but i'm already planning another 3 tours for next year. Thanks for such an unforgettable, memorable experience!

Where to begin... I don't even know how to put into words what I experienced on my tour! I booked this tour solo and it was the best dec... read more

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