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JoanneLee1303Joanne posted on Joanne's (JoanneLee1303) profile

Hey =) Yay, more people on the tour. I am getting so excited. It is Lindsey and I coming from Canada. We arrive in London on the 14th of September - we are booked in at the Royal National for the extra nights so we dont have to relocate. We are also spending an extra day in Paris after the tour ends. Is this you first Contiki trip?

Posted almost 4 years ago

TilTil posted on Joanne's (JoanneLee1303) profile

Hey :) I'll be on the same tour as you, I'm from Australia, I'm 19, I'm travellinh solo, so hoping to meet some People on the same tour :) Are you in London' at all before the trip?

Posted almost 4 years ago

JoanneLee1303Joanne (JoanneLee1303)

European Whirl Sept 17th to Oct 4th 2012

Just wondering if anyone else is booked for this tour. My friend Lindsey and I are going and are hoping to connect with some of the people we are going with beforehand. Let me know =)

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