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I couldn't be more excited/terrified! I just booked European Whirl 8th May 2012 and I'm going by myself. I'd love to chat with anyone who is going on the same tour or has any advice for me! I have been wanting to travel in Europe for a long time and have many other places on my list. I'm ready for an adventure!

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emilyjaneeeEmily (emilyjaneee)

Hey Natasha! I noticed you're doing some travelling in Spain after the trip, what places will you be going to? I have a friend who's living in France who I'm meeting up with when we finish and we were planning on doing some exploring in Spain too (as well as France)!

Posted about 4 years ago

  • emilyjaneee


    not sure yet just figuring it out with my friend... he was talking about flying into madrid but I think I'd rather fly into Barcelona... who are you flying with?

    about 4 years ago

  • NatashaFox7


    Hey Emily! That's awesome! I'm flying from Paris to Barcelona, then Ibiza, Madrid, Granana, Seville, back to Madrid! What about you?

    about 4 years ago



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